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Dr. Roseborough and her staff are wonderful. They are well-organized, thorough, and professional, and Dr. Roseborough is very kind -- she took time to explain a variety of treatment options and the systemic effects of each. I can't recommend her enough.
Connie O.
Dr. Roseborough took her time asking questions, and listening to what I had to say about my issues. Not dismissing them to "age related." Although we did not come up with a definitive answer, I did feel she addressed my concerns, ordered 2 RX's and I felt relieved after my visit. Dr. Roseborough is very warm and friendly as well as her assistant. When I have my return visit, I am hoping for total recovery! Thank you!!"
Julie G.
Dr. Plotke is probably the best doctor I've encountered in a decade. She went through my various skin issues one by one, gave me all the treatment options, and spent an entire hour discussing my questions and concerns. She was knowledgable, warm, and didn't try to sell me things I didn't need, or waste my time with treatments which won't work for my particular issues (as other dermatologists have done.) She is fantastic, and I can't recommend her enough.
Michelle V.
Dr. Plotke is a superb physician. She is highly skilled, communicative, caring and kind. I have been her patient for several years. Highest recommendation.
Brian H.
I am long overdue posting this recommendation for Dr. Lesley Plotke. Dr. Plotke surgically removed a very suspicious lesion from my arm. I was very anxious and somewhat embarrassed to have left the lesion untreated for a long period of time. She gave me the reassurance that whatever the result, we would take care of it. The surgery was preformed flawlessly. Dr. Plotke and her assistant seemed to float through the procedure. I was really impressed at the seamless manner in which the entire event transpired. I completely trust and respect her opinions and clinical skills. I would not hesitate or dread having a surgical procedure performed by her in the future.
I sent my child to Dr. Graves and she is a miracle worker! Not only is she incredibly professional but also dedicated to her patients results. I sent my child there with awful cystic acne and within 6 month she was completely cured and it has yet to come back. Even though it's hard to get an appointment once your in you'll realize it was worth the wait.
Jennifer F.
I was referred to Dr. Graves for my condition as all other suggestions by my doctor were down. Dr. Graves spends time to evaluate the condition and have implemented many treatments, creams and other medical advice to improve my condition. I appreciate her patience, recommendations and advancement of my condition although I have more treatments to cure the condition.
Lyv C.
Dr Tajirian is a SUPER-competent physician. She's always clear about what she's doing and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Her MOHS work never seems to leave a scar.
John C.
I couldn't be a bigger fan of Dr. Tajirian. She is thorough, friendly, and very quick. I am a patient of both offices and have had every message returned, every prescription called in without fail. Her staff is equally as talented.
Ben K.
Dr. Tajirian removed two basal cell cancers from the skin on my nose. That was two years ago and I'm still very happy with the result- there's no scarring and my nose is cancer-free !
Mr. Borg
Dr Fung is an incredibly friendly person, great listener, and very helpful. He's very knowledgeable and takes the time to answer every question. Every time I've gone, all his staff have also been super friendly and helpful. I always leave a little bit shocked at how pleasant the whole thing was, being a doctor's visit and all! I highly highly recommend Dr Fung.
Emily B.
Great doctor, warm personality, efficient office staff, friendly environment. I trust going to Dr. Fung. He's honest, caring and the best! He treated me for my skin condition and it's responding nicely.
Terry M.
I have been a patient of Dr. Fung for the last ten years. He is an unusually patient doctor who is always thoughtful when responding to questions. His annual exam is thorough. I have recommended that friends who visit the Bay Area schedule their annual skin exams with him during their vacations. Most friends tell me that their annual exams are 5 minutes. Dr. Fung takes his profession seriously. He cares about diseases and conditions of the skin.
Milton C.
Dr. Fung is a superb dermatologist. I needed to have a small procedure done on my face. He explained each of the options clearly and chose the option that would be most efficient and minimize scarring. This was the first doctor's visit I've ever had where the appointment actually started on time. I was in and out of there, including the procedure, in 30 minutes! The price was very affordable as well, compared to what others who went elsewhere have told me they've paid for the same service. The front desk and Dr. Fung's assistant gave great customer service. I would absolutely go back to Dr. Fung again!
Reichi L.