Photodynamic Therapy (Blu-U)

LEVULAN KERASTICK + BLU-U has been approved to treat minimally to moderately thick actinic keratoses (AKs) of the face, scalp and upper extremities. It is a dual-mechanism photodynamic therapy (PDT) treatment that utilizes aminolevulinic acid (ALA), a porphyrin precursor found in LEVULAN KERASTICK and the BLU-U light source, which is used to activate the topical solution. LEVULAN KERASTICK is able to penetrate to the root of the AK lesions and successfully incite cell death when activated by BLU-U. PDT utilizes light in conjunction with a photosensitizing agent to produce singlet oxygen within the epidermis that results in subsequent cell death. Due to this, PDT treatments like LEVULAN KERASTICK + BLU-U can offer patients:

  • The ability to treat multiple AK lesions over a larger area and penetrate down to the root of AK
  • Minimal risk of scarring, because there were no accounts of scars reported in clinical trials







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