Common Myths About Caring For Your Skin

If there’s one thing the world wide web is good at doing, it’s disseminating information that is, put politely, unreliable. While there’s a lot of good and useful information out there on just about every subject imaginable, it can be challenging to determine which is good and which is just an old wives tale being circulated in a new medium. In an effort to eliminate poor quality information getting into the hands of those looking for skincare tips, we consulted with some of our best dermatologists. The result is a shortlist of some of the myths to watch out for when cruising the internet.

The Most Pernicious Skin Care Tips On The Internet

  • Not Washing Your Face Causes Acne – Let’s be clear, there’s a lot of good reasons to wash your face. Among them, the fact that washing your face just plain feels wonderful. That being said, there’s no evidence that not washing your face will lead to acne. Our skin has been caring for itself long before soap was something we used regularly, and it’s still good at its job. Not washing your face isn’t going to help your acne problem, but it’s not going to make it worse either.
  • Natural Products Are Better – There is only one thing that can be definitively said about products that claim to be “natural” or “chemical-free”; their producers understand marketing. Everything from water to gasoline is a chemical, and “natural” doesn’t have a regulated meaning in the industry. What’s this mean? It means the reputation a product has for excellence is a far better guide than some nonsense phrasing slapped on a label. Your dermatologist can help you make good product choices.
  • Makeup Ages Your Face – Remember what we said earlier about not washing your face not being related to acne? This is the one place that isn’t true. The problem isn’t the makeup you’re wearing; it’s not washing it off at the end of the day. The dirt, oils, and other substances in your makeup can clog your pores and cause problems, but not with just one day of wear. Remove your makeup every day, and you’ll be fine.
  • The Tingling Tells You It’s Working – While some products can tingle when they’re working, it doesn’t mean they all do or should. There is some so-called wisdom that says that products that work have to cause a physical sensation, even to the point of burning. This is utterly false. If your skin care product is causing discomfort or your skin to burn, take it off. Your skin is trying to say you’re damaging it.

Go To Your Dermatologist To Learn More

These myths represent just a small portion of the expansive mythology about skincare you can find on the internet. Wherever you get your information on how to care for your skin, it pays to double-check it against trusted sources. This doesn’t mean your best friend or your mother; this means a peer-reviewed journal or your dermatologist. These sources are sure to separate the myths from the facts and give you the information you need to make good skincare choices.